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Annual General Meeting

7 Oct

2015 Annual General Meeting

Venue: The Society of Antiquaries of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly W1J 0BE

7 Oct

Annual General Meeting

Venue: Society of Antiquaries

2 Oct

2013 Annual General Meeting


10 Jul

2015 Annual Conference in Peterborough

Peterborough Cathedral and the Soke of Peterborough

Venue: Rooms will be reserved at The Bull Hotel, Peterborough, which is located a 3-minute walk from the John Clare Theatre at which the conference lectures will be held. Both the hotel and lecture theatre are within a short walking distance of the Cathedral.

19 Jul

2014 Annual Conference in Aberdeen


7 Apr

2014 Romanesque Art: Patrons and Processes

A Three-Day International Conference concerned with Patronage in Romanesque Art and Architecture

Venue: Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Barcelona

20 Jul

2013 Annual Conference

Westminster: architecture, archaeology, sculpture and painting

16 Apr

Romanesque and the Eastern Mediterranean

Venue: Palermo, Italy

9 Apr

Romanesque and the Past

Retrospection in the Art and Architecture of Romanesque Europe

Venue: London


3 Feb

‘The Kailasa Temple at Ellora: rock-cut architecture and the realisation of buildings in the medieval period’

6 Jan

‘Excavations at Glastonbury Abbey, 1908-79: reassessing the medieval monastery.’

2 Dec

‘Why Does Architectural Style Change? An Exploration using Fourteenth-Century Collegiate Churches.’

4 Nov

‘The Charles Bridge, Peter Parler and the First Bohemian Net Vault’

7 Oct

‘Southwell Minster’s Choir: A Gothic Vision of Archbishop Walter de Gray’

6 May

Places of Power and the Making of Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms: New Archaeological Perspectives from Lyminge, Kent

2 May

Castle Acre

Study Day

Venue: Meet at Castle Acre at 11 a.m.

1 Apr

Britain’s Atlantic Wall? The Landscape of Coastal Defence during the Second World War

4 Mar

The Medieval Buildings of the Holy Cross Guild, Stratford-upon-Avon

4 Feb

The Cloister in Anglo-Norman England

The George Zarnecki Memorial lecture

7 Jan

Auxerre’s Cathedral choir and the Question of Regional Gothic Architecture in France

3 Dec

‘Barbarous rude things.’ Paintings in the collection of the Society of Antiquaries of London: some new observations

5 Nov

The Function and Iconography of the Minstrels’ Gallery at Exeter Cathedral

Reginald Taylor essay medal lecture

Venue: The Linnean Society in Burlington House
(tea and lecture)

1 Oct

Friary biographies, urban fabric and the excavation legacy in England and Wales

7 May

Blanche of Castile and artistic patronage at the Capetian court in the first half of the thirteenth century

Preceded by BAA Council Meeting, and followed by the President's Reception

2 Apr

The Staffordshire Hoard Project: the current state of knowledge

5 Mar

Late Medieval Beguinages in the Low Countries: A ‘Poor’ Architecture for Semi-Religious Women

5 Feb

The Romanesque Portal as Performance

Preceded by BAA Council Meeting

2 Jan

‘The Labour of a Thousand Ants’: Gerard Baldwin Brown and the Conservation Movement in Britain

Note: this lecture takes place on a Thursday. To be followed by the Association's Twelfth-Night Party (booking required)

4 Dec

Arguments, or an assessment of some differences of opinion in the study of medieval architectural history.

Preceded by BAA Council Meeting

6 Nov

Set in stone: inscribing civic memory and artistic identity in the cathedral of San Lorenzo in Genoa

Venue: Linnean Society, in Burlington House

2 Oct

‘It would have pitied any heart to see’: destruction and survival at Cistercian monasteries in northern England at the Suppression

The lecture will be preceded by the Association's Annual General Meeting and book launch

1 May

The Dignity of Friends: from the catacombs of Rome to the Ashmolean Museum Oxford

3 Apr

Commemoration and the development of the English Parish Church

6 Feb

From Judgement to Atonement: sculpture at Strasbourg, Lincoln and Naumberg

2 Jan

20th-century England: writing an aerial history

5 Dec

The construction, deconstruction and reconstruction of an Anglo-Saxon church: the work of the Brixworth Archaeological Research Committee 1972-2012

7 Nov

The most lethal catastrophe in recorded history: an archaeology and history of the Black Death in London 1348-9

3 Oct

The Scottish parish churches project

2 May

Imagining Passion in Paris: A new study of the wall paintings of martyrdom in the Sainte-Chapelle

lecture followed by the President’s Reception

4 Apr

Inventing Romanesque Sculpture: patrons, artists, masons and art historians

7 Mar

Medieval Building Stone

1 Feb

Monumental and multi-lingual inscriptions in the city of Ani

4 Jan

Richard II and the Royal treasure

The lecture was followed by the Association’s Twelfth-Night Party

7 Dec

Piety, politics and prestige: the friars and their patrons in late medieval Ireland

Venue: rooms of the Royal Astronomical Society, Burlington House

2 Nov

Creating and recreating the tombs to the Dukes of York in Fotheringhay Church

Venue: rooms of the Royal Astronomical Society, Burlington House

5 Oct

Birkbeck training excavations in Syon Park: the Bridgettine Abbey and the formal gardens of Syon House

preceded by the Association’s Annual General Meeting

4 May

Clues for a Spiritual Treasure Hunt: Indulgences in Pre-Reformation English Churches

6 Apr

Canterbury Cathedral: Liturgy and Architecture

2 Mar

Torre Abbey: From Premonstratensian house to Post-Dissolution mansion

2 Feb

From Langford to South Cerney: the Monumental Rood in late Saxon and Norman England

5 Jan

From a period with no name; Painting in France around 1000

1 Dec

The Fernadez de Velasco: The History and Patronage of a Castilian Grandee Family, c.1369-1600

3 Nov

Prety Castel and Fair Place: New Thoughts on Tretower Castle and Court

6 Oct

Donald Strong Lecture ‘Design and Construction in Roman Architecture’

5 May

Stiffs and Stones: Brothers, Bodies and Burials in the Medieval Italian City

7 Apr

Pavilion’d in Splendour: Henry V’s Welcome into London in 1415

3 Mar

Sir Goddard Pemberton and the Fear of Oblivion

3 Feb

The Sculpture of the East End of Cluny III

6 Jan

New Light on the English Peasantry: The Furnishings of Rural Houses in the Later Middle Ages

2 Dec

Medieval Floor Tile Studies in Europe: Between Archaeology and Art History

4 Nov

Romanesque Linear Measures used in England and on the Continent

7 Oct

The Architecture of Cardinals’ Seals in the Thirteenth Century

6 May

Nottingham Castle, A Noble Castle of the Duke of New Castle

1 Apr

Markenfield Hall: The Early House inside the Later

4 Mar

Whose Heritage? The Problem of the Shobdon Arches

4 Feb

Social Transformations around the North Sea and Western Baltic AD600-1100: Perspectives from Flixborough and Stavanger

7 Jan

The Miracles of St Dunstan: Hagiography and History in 14th-Century English Art


7 Jan

2015 Twelfth-Night Party

Venue: Foyer and Council Room of the Society of Antiquaries

7 May

2014 President’s Reception

The annual President's Reception to mark the final lecture of the series for 2013-2014.

Venue: Society of Antiquaries of London

Study Days

26 Nov

Opus Anglicanum – in London collections

6 Oct

Lincoln Cathedral: making and remaking

Study Day led by Professor Philip Dixon

17 May

Llancarfan and Llantwit Major

Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

15 Oct

Alabaster and Ivory in the Late Medieval Collections at the British Museum

Led by Lloyd de Beer, Curators of Late Medieval Collection at the British Museum, and Professor Sandy Heslop, University of East Anglia

21 May

Southwell Minster

Venue: Southwell Minster