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Annual Conference Series

The Association holds an annual conference at a centre of established importance in the medieval period, usually in the British Isles, though occasionally in mainland Europe, collating the results of recent research into the art, architecture and archaeology of a given town, city or region. Conferences are usually held in July and run for 5 days – opening on a Saturday lunchtime and running until the following Wednesday lunchtime. The time is split between site visits, in which there may be short discursive presentations, and formal papers. A fundamental aim of the conferences is to draw together scholars, students and amateur enthusiasts in an atmosphere in which the subject is open to discussion, and we try to offer as many opportunities as possible for people to get together. The conference transactions are subsequently published in the BAA Conference Transactions series, generally with a time lag of around two years.

The conferences are drawn from a rolling conference programme which is planned to run forward for around three years.


15 Jul

Roman and Medieval Art, Architecture and Archaeology in Pembrokeshire

Venue: Haverfordwest