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Romanesque Conferences

The biennial series on International Romanesque Conferences was launched as the result of a generous donation from one of the Association’s members, John Osborn. The first was held in London on 9-11 April, 2010 under the heading ‘Romanesque and the Past: Retrospection in the Art and Architecture of Romanesque Europe’, and was attended by around 150 scholars, speakers and amateur enthusiasts from a dozen countries. This was followed by a conference on ‘Romanesque and the Mediterranean’ held in Palermo from 16-18 April, 2012,  ‘Romanesque: Patrons and Processes’ organised jointly with the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya in Barcelona in 2014 and ‘Romanesque Saints, Shrines and Pilgrimage’ in Oxford in 2016. The most recent conference was based in Poitiers on 4-6 April 2018 and considered the regional and trans-regional in the art and architecture of Romanesque Europe.

The next conference will be held in association with the Dommuseum in Hildesheim on 14-16 April, 2020 and for the first time will entertain a chronological theme – Romanesque and the Year 1000 – and the aim is to examine art and architecture in the Latin West between c.970 and c.1030.

There will be an opportunity to stay on for two days of visits following the conference proper (17-18 April, 2020).  A call for papers is available for download.

Previous conferences

2018, Poitiers: Regional and Trans-regional in the Art and Architecture of Romanesque Europe

2016, Oxford: Saints, Shrines and Pilgrimage

2014, Barcelona: Romanesque Art: Patrons and Processes

2012, Palermo: Romanesque and the Eastern Mediterranean

2010, London: Romanesque and the Past