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The Year 1000 in Romanesque Art and Architecture

7 – 10 Sep 2021

The British Archaeological Association was to have held the sixth in its biennial International Romanesque conference series in conjunction with the Dommuseum in Hildesheim in April, 2020. In the light of the Covid pandemic, it was necessary to postpone the conference, which will now take place online from 7-10 September, 2021. Register online here.

Tuesday 7 September

Chair: Gerhard Lutz

13.15 Welcome and Introduction

13.30 Cecily Hennessy – Otto III and the Widow Theophanu: A Greek Court in the West?

14.00 Barbara Franzé – Image and Society in Reichenau c. 1000

14.30 Jesús Rodríguez Viejo – Authorship, Cult and Monastic Reform in Ottonian St Gallen: The Decoration of the Hartker Antiphonary

15.00 Questions

15.30 Refreshment Break

Chair: Richard Plant

16.00 Marcello Angheben – The Representation of the Old Testament God in Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts

16.30 Sophie Kelly – Trinity and Transformation at the Turn of the Millenium

17.00 Shirin Fozi – Unpacking the Ottonian Sarcophagus 968-1022.

17.30 Questions

Wednesday 8 September

Chair: Alexandra Gajewski

13.30 Lindy Grant – Transforming the Kingdom: Artistic Patronage and the Establishment of Early Capetian Kingship in France

14.00 Eliane Vergnolle – A Monarch and his Buildings: The Case of Robert the Pious (996-1031)

14.30 Claude Andrault-Schmitt – The Birth of Romanesque Architecture in Aquitaine in the light of the Patronage of Duke William the Great (993-1031)

15.00 Questions

15.30 Refreshment Break

Chair: Ute Engel

16.00 Wilfried Keil – Willigis and his Cathedral: The Building of a New Coronation Church by the Archchancellor and Archbishop of Mainz

16.30 Tobias Schoo – The Domburg and the Market Town of Halberstadt around the Year 1000

17.00 Bruno Klein – St Michael at Hildesheim as a Magic Machine

17.30 Questions

Thursday 9 September

Chair: Manuel Castiñeiras

13.30 Hugh Doherty – Bernard of Angers at Aurillac: Viewing the Saints and their Treasures at the Turn of the Millenium

14.00 Florian Meunier – Precious Book Covers: Gold and Ivory between a Carolingian Heritage and New Patterns

14.30 Jordi Camps – Sculpture in Catalonia around 1000: The ‘Corinthian’ Capitals at Ripoll

15.00 Questions

15.30 Refreshment Break

Chair: Cecily Hennessy

16.00 Rose Walker – Order and Disorder as seen through the eyes of Scribes and Illuminators in the Kingdom of Pamplona c. 970-c. 1000

16.30 Elizabeth Valdez del Álamo – Art in Castile 970-1030: In Search of Political and Cultural Hegemony

17.00 Questions

Friday 10 September

Chair: Zoë Opacič

13.30 Tomasz Weclawowicz – The Imitation of the Empire in Early Medieval Poland

14.00 Agata Gomolka – When Gold was Silver and Silver was Straw: The Treasure of Saints and Warriors in Poland c. 1000

14.30 Béla Zsolt Szakács – The Year 1000 in Hungary: Turning Point or Continuation

15.00 Questions

15.30 Refreshment Break

Chair: John McNeill
16.00 Michele Vescovi – Looking North: Architecture in Emilia c. 1000

16.30 Richard Gem – England 970-1030: Architecture of the Monastic Reform

17.00 Eric Fernie – St Laurence at Bradford on Avon, St Michael at Hildesheim and the Use of Squares in Planning

17.30 Questions

18.00 Conclusion