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Study days

The Association has hosted a series of Study Days to provide an opportunity for a small group to meet at a building to discuss particular themes and problems under the guidance of experts. The BAA is committed to running two Study Days a year – one in Spring and one in Autumn – and occasionally offers additional continental study days in conjunction with exhibitions.

What is a study day

For Association Members and postgraduate students, a Study Day is the perfect opportunity to gain privileged access to art and architecture in the company of experts and fellow enthusiasts. Launched in 2008, these events encourage students to engage with methods and approaches employed by specialists in particular areas of the history of art, architecture and archaeology. Whether out in the field analysing architectural monuments, sitting in a historic library turning the pages of world famous manuscripts, or studying the individual brushstrokes of a stained glass panel set on a light box, Study Days bring together world experts, established scholars and students in a forum which encourages engagement, discussion and the sharing of ideas as well as knowledge. With around 20 participants each event is designed so that everyone can engage directly with the artefacts and take part in the discussions. A number of places are always reserved for postgraduate students and financial support is available to help them attend.

Each year the Association organises at least two Study Days. In the Spring we make the most of long light days by visiting architectural or archaeological sites. The Autumn Study Days move indoors and, being artefact based, are held at a museum, archive or library.

The current Honorary Study Day organisers are Dr James Alexander Cameron and Dr Jana Gajdošová. Suggestions for study days are welcome, particularly if you can help the BAA access parts of historic sites not usually open to the general public which are of particular interest to its members.

Past study days

    • 2018 (June) Rievaulx Abbey
      Led by Dr Michael Carter, Stuart Harrison and Alexandra Gajewski
      Rievaulx Abbey study day, June 2018
    • 2017 (October) Windsor Castle: medieval architecture, archaeology and conservation
      Led by Dr Stephen Brindle and Tim Tatton Brown
      Windsor Castle Study Day
    • 2017 (May) Abergavenny Priory: medieval choir stalls, tomb sculpture and building archaeology
      Led by Dr Charles Tracy, Dr Kim Woods and Dr George Nash
      Abergavenny Priory Study Day
    • 2015 (October) Blythe House (Clothworkers Centre): medieval textiles
    • 2015 (May) Castle Acre: castle, town and monastery in context
    • 2014 (October) Lincoln cathedral: archaeology and stone conservation
    • 2014 (August) Aachen: Charlemagne 814-2014 exhibition
    • 2014 (May) Llancarfan and Llantwit Major, South Wales: medieval wall painting, architecture and sculpture
      Led by Dr Jane Rutherfoord and Dr David Robinson
      BAA Llancarfan and Llantwit study day
    • 2013 (October) British Museum: ivories and alabasters
      Led by Lloyd de Beer

      BAA British Museum study day, October 2013

      BAA British Museum study day, October 2013

    • 2013 (May) Southwell Minster: site history Roman to post-medieval
      Led by Dr Philip Dixon
      Southwell Minster and Archbishop's Palace Study Day
    • 2013 (January) Lambeth Palace: building history and conservation
      Led by Tim Tatton Brown
      Lambeth Palace Study Day
    • 2012 (October) Trinity College Library, Cambridge: manuscripts
    • 2012 (May) Harmondsworth: timber barn and Romanesque architectural sculpture at the parish church
      Led by Dr Edward Impey and Dr Ron Baxter

      The Romanesque doorway at St Mary, Harmondsworth, 2012

    • 2011 (April) York: stained glass in the chapter house, east window conservation, parish churches of All Saints North Street, St Michael Coney Street and St Martin-cum-Gregory
      Led by Prof. Sarah Brown and Prof. Tim Ayers
    • 2010 (October) Atcham: lapidary collection
    • 2010 (September) Cluny: special exhibition
    • 2010 (May) Shorthampton church in Oxfordshire: wall paintings
      Led by Dr Mellie Naydenova-Slade and Mark Perry

      Shorthampton church, 2011

    • 2009 (October) Lincoln cathedral: choir stalls and roof
      Led by Dr Charles Tracy and Prof. Peter Draper

      Delegates in the roof space of the Angel Choir at Lincoln, 2009

    • 2009 (March) Bosham church, Sussex: building stones
    • 2008 (June) White Tower in the Tower of London: architectural history