Meetings & Events: Romanesque Conference

Romanesque and the Past

Retrospection in the Art and Architecture of Romanesque Europe

9 – 11 Apr 2010

Conference Programme

9 April

Session 1: Peter Draper (President, BAA)

  • 10.20 Introduction
  • 10.30 John McNeill An Introduction to Eleventh and Twelfth-Century Attitudes to the Past
  • 11.00 Eric Fernie The Concept of the Romanesque

Session 2: Peter Draper (President, BAA)

  • 12.00 Richard Gem St Peter’s basilica in Rome c.1024-1159: a model for emulation?
  • 12.30 Jill A. Franklin Iconic Architecture: The Basilica Apostolorum and the Church of San Nazaro in Milan
  • 13.00 Questions

Session 3: Lindy Grant (Reading University)

  • 14.30 Kai Kappel Architecture as a Visual Memento? La Roccelletta in Calabria
  • 15.00 C Andrault-Schmitt The Concepts of Archaism and/or Singularity: The Nave Clerestory in French Romanesque Architecture between the Loire and Dordogne (c.1050-c.1150)
  • 15.30 Questions

Session 4: Richard Plant (Christies Education)

  • 16.15 Manuel Castiñeiras The Portal at Ripoll Revisited: An Honorary Arch for the Ancestors
  • 16.45 Elizabeth Valdez del Álamo Tarragona: lieu de mémoire
  • 17.15 Questions

10 April
(Courtauld Institute)

Session 5: John McNeill (Hon. Secretary, BAA)

  • 10.00 Daniel Prigent Innovation and the Uses of Antiquity in the Romanesque Architecture of the Loire Valley
  • 10.30 Laurence Cabrero-Ravel The Recollection of the Past in the Romanesque Art of the Auvergne
  • 11.00 Questions

Session 6: John McNeill (Hon. Secretary, BAA)

  • 11.45 Neil Stratford Cluny and the Past
  • 12.15 Stephan Albrecht Artistic Strategies for Institutional Memory: Trier, Villenauxe, Glastonbury
  • 12.45 Questions

Session 7: Rosa Bacile (Wolfson College, Oxford)

  • 14.15 Sandy Heslop From Shell Niche to Ribbed Semi-Dome
  • 14.45 Lucy Donkin Making an Impression: Romanesque Pavements and the Creation of Architectural Memory
  • 15.15 Questions

Session 8: Kathleen Doyle (British Library)

  • 16.00 Beatrice Kitzinger From Hrabanus Maurus to Regensburg: Romanesque Praise for the Holy Cross
  • 16.30 Hanna Vorholt The construction of history through images in the Liber Floridus – observations on the cycle of the Apocalypse and the preceding miniatures
  • 17.00 Andrea Worm Visualising History: The Rise of Pictorial Concepts in Twelfth-Century Chronicles
  • 17.30 Questions
  • 18.30 Reception in the Courtauld Gallery to honour the scholarly contribution of Prof. George Zarnecki CBE FBA (1915-2008).The organisers wish to thank the Courtauld Institute for its generosity in both suggesting and sponsoring the Reception in honour of Prof. George Zarnecki.

11 April
(Courtauld Institute)

Session 9: Paul Crossley (Courtauld Insititute)

  • 10.00 Deborah Kahn Uses of the Past in English Romanesque Sculpture: Beyond the Antique
  • 10.30 Gerhard Lutz Memorising Bernward of Hildesheim in the 12th Century. A Contribution to High Medieval Imitatio
  • 11.00 Questions

Session 10: Caroline Bruzelius (Duke University)

  • 11.45 David Park Imitation and the Past at St-Savin-sur-Gartempe
  • 12.15 Quitterie Cazes The Antique sources of the Sculpture of St-Sernin at Toulouse: a Manifesto for the Gregorian Reform
  • 12.45 Questions

Session 11: Richard Halsey

  • 14.15 Béla Zsolt Szakács The Reconstruction of Pannonhalma: Archaism in C13 Hungary
  • 14.45 Roger Stalley Hiberno-Romanesque and the evocation of the past

Session 12: Richard Plant (Christies Education)

  • 16.00 Conrad Rudolph Time, Place, and the Construction of History in Early Twelfth-Century Paris
  • 16.30 Peter Fergusson Three Romanesque Patrons and their Interest in History: Anselm of Bury, Ailred of Rievaulx, Wibert of Canterbury
  • 17.00 Questions
  • 17.30 Plenary Session
  • 18.00 Reception