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Castle Acre

Study Day

2 May 2015
Presented by
Rob Liddiard, Sandy Heslop, Helen Lunnon, Edward Impey, John McNeill, Jill Franklin and Jeremy Ashbee
Meet at Castle Acre at 11 a.m.
Apply by:
15th April 2015
Apply to:
Helen Lunnon:
Cost: £25
limited numbers (25 places, of which up to 12 are reserved for students who may attend for free)

Although there was already a settlement at Acre in 1066, the particular arrangement of castle, town and priory was a creation of the Norman Conquest and entirely due to the de Warenne family’s establishment of a local power base in the area by the early 1070s. By 1085 the castle was habitable and the priory had been founded. Although the priory was dissolved in 1537 and its church dismantled, enough survives to enable one to tentatively reconstruct its elevation, while the monastic buildings, and in particular the west range, survive in large part. Later work also includes the remodelling of the prior’s lodging and reconstruction of the parish church of St James.

If you are driving, please consider helping collect train passengers from our group from Downham Market at 10.07.

Places are limited. Successful candidates will be contacted by email on Monday 20th April.

Please download the flyer from the sidebar box for more information.