Support the BAA

While the Association manages to publish its journal and run a lecture series and annual conference through its subscription income, everything else we do is the result of donations.

The annual grants of up to £7,000 awarded to students undertaking postgraduate research degrees (Ochs Scholarships) came about because Maud Lillian Ochs left us a substantial sum in her will, money that is invested and maintained in a separate and dedicated fund.

The biennial series of International Romanesque Conferences are possible because each one is supported by John Osborn. Occasional dedicated issues of the journal – such as the volumes on medieval cloisters and chantries – were the result of donations.

The Study Days are supported by a bequest from Martin Burr.

The number of student scholarships we are able to award to attend the Association’s conferences is enormously enhanced by donations on the part of members, some sufficient to cover an entire scholarship place, but many of them small sums that when aggregated significantly boos the number of scholarships we offer.

Please consider making a donation. Every little helps.

To make a donation, or discuss anything to do with donations, simply contact the Hon. Secretary or Hon. Treasurer.