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Romanesque Conferences

The biennial series on International Romanesque Conferences was launched as the result of a generous donation from one of the Association’s members, John Osborn. The first was held in London on 9-11 April, 2010 under the heading ‘Romanesque and the Past: Retrospection in the Art and Architecture of Romanesque Europe’, and was attended by around 150 scholars, speakers and amateur enthusiasts from a dozen countries. This was followed by a conference on ‘Romanesque and the Mediterranean’ held in Palermo from 16-18 April, 2012. The most recent conference took place on 7-9 April, 2014 in Barcelona and was organised jointly with the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. The theme was ‘Romanesque: Patrons and Processes.

The next conference is entitled ‘Romanesque: Saints, Shrines and Pilgrimage’, and will be held in Oxford on 4-6 April, 2016.