Windsor. Medieval Archaeology, Art and Architecture of the Thames Valley

BAA Conference Transactions Series, Volume 25
ISBN: 978 1 902653 44 0
Available in paperback and hardback
328 pages
Line illustrations: 56; Half-tones:117; Colour figures: 6; Fold outs: 1

The Association’s 1998 conference was focused on Windsor. The castle and College of St George, with its chapel, were the main themes. The architectural papers, however, extended to the parish church at Shottesbrooke, Reading Abbey and Eton College: this volume contains most of the papers given at the conference. Following an introduction to Windsor in the context of medieval Berkshire, there are chapters considering the work of Henry III, the remarkable buildings of Edward III, and the restoration after the tragic fire of 1992. Other chapters consider decorative elements in the chapel and the College, from floor-tiles in the Aerary to Henry III’s wall-paintings in the Lower Ward. The book throws new light on many aspects of the castle and the College, and confirms, surely, Matthew Paris’s view that there was ‘no more splendid a castle in all of Europe’.

Please note: The hardback edition of this title is now out of print.