Norwich: Medieval and Early Modern Art, Architecture and Archaeology

Edited by T. A. Heslop and Helen E. Lunnon

British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions XXXVIII (Maney Publishing, Leeds 2015).

ISBN Hardback 978-1-909662-77-3

ISBN Paperback 978-1-909662-78-0

The importance of Norwich as the second city of England for 500 years is explored in this volume in nineteen essays and seven site reports. Current understanding of the city’s origins and development is largely informed by the results of four decades of archaeological investigation. This work is reviewed and extended by the two introductory papers in this volume. A remarkable amount of the physical evidence of the city’s prestigious status is extant, notably the cathedral and castle, two of the most ambitious Romanesque buildings in Europe. These are addressed in several papers, either by means of direct architectural study or in relation to issues such as patronage and influence. Norwich’s outstanding parish churches and merchant houses, both barometers of continuity and change across the medieval and early modern periods, are the subject of five further papers. Norwich was a major centre of operations for masons, painters and artists of all kinds. This is explored not only within the city and cathedral precinct but through its impact in the county. Site reports, short essays on some of the buildings visited during the conference, further illuminate the role of Norwich-based designers and makers in the region.




BRIAN AYERS The Development of an Urban Landscape: Recent Research in Medieval Norwich

PAUL EVERSON AND DAVID STOCKER Erratics and Enterprise: Lincolnshire Grave-Covers in Norwich and Thetford and Some Implications for Urban Development in the 10th Century

ERIC FERNIE Norwich Cathedral Revisited: Spiral Piers and Architectural Geometry

ROLAND HARRIS Reconstructing the Cathedral Priory at Norwich: Recent Research on Lost Parts of the Romanesque Church

JOHN CROOK The Romanesque Apse of Norwich Cathedral: A Re-examination of the Bishop’s Throne Platform and its Supposed Relic Niche

JAMES KING Norwich Castle Keep: Dates and Contexts

PHILIP DIXON Steps to Lordship

JILL FRANKLIN The Romanesque Sculpture of Norwich and Norfolk: The City and its Hinterland — Some Observations

RICHARD HALSEY Carrow Priory Church, Norwich and the Introduction of Gothic Architecture to Norfolk

VERONICA SEKULES Bishop John Salmon’s Architectural Patronage at Norwich Cathedral

T.A. HESLOP The Norwich Cathedral Passion Altarpiece (‘The Despenser Retable)

LUCY WRAPSON Ranworth and its Associated Paintings: A Norwich Workshop

RICHARD JONES Norwich Cathedral Spire: Why it Still Stands

DAVID KING The Integration of Church and City: The Development of Norwich City Centre in the Late Middle Ages

FRANCIS WOODMAN St Peter Mancroft and Late Medieval Church Building in Norwich

HELEN LUNNON Defining Porches in Norwich, c. 1250–c. 1510

KATHERINE BOIVIN The Chancel Passageways of Norwich

JON BAYLISS Thomas Gooding or Goodwin, a Norwich Freemason

CHRIS KING Private Lives and Public Power: Norwich Merchants’ Houses Between the 14th and 16th Centuries



North Elmham



St Giles, Norwich

St Peter Hungate, Norwich

St Lawrence, Norwich