Medieval Art, Architecture and Archaeology in Cracow and Lesser Poland



RAFAL QUIRINI-POPLAWSKI The Oldest Fragments of Sculptural Decoration from Wawel Hill

ERIC FERNIE The Church of St Andrew, Cracow

MARCIN SZYMA The Chapel of Casimir the Great at the Dominican Church of the Holy Trinity, Cracow

MAREK WALCZAK The Figures on the Sides of the Tomb-Chest of King Casimir the Great: A Reassessment of the Iconography of the Polish Kingdom Reborn

WOJCIECH WALANUS Veit Stoss and Late Gothic Sculpture in Lesser Poland: Selected Issues

ZOE OPACIC Architecture and Ceremony in Cracow and Prague, 1335–1455

COSTANZA CIPOLLARO A New Appraisal of Zbigniew Oles´nicki’s Pontifi cale Cracoviense (Cracow, Archiwum Kapituły Katedralnej na Wawelu, MS Kp 12)

ALEXANDRA GAJEWSKI Identity on the Edge: The Architecture of the Cistercian Abbeys in Lesser Poland

BEATA KWIATKOWSKA-KOPKA Archaeological Excavations at the Cistercian Monasteries of Jedrzejów, Szczyrzyc and Koprzywnica

TOMASZ WECLAWOWICZ The Cistercian Abbey at Mogiła: The Latest Research and New Questions

MICHAEL CZAJKOWSKI The Clock Dial at Mogiła Abbey and Possible Associated Clock Mechanisms

DARIUS TABOR Liturgy and Astrology: The Orantes on the Crypt Floor in the Collegiate Church at Wislica

ACHIM TIMMERMAN ‘Wer nicht recht tut den fure ich vor recht’: Wrocław’s Late Gothic Pillory in Contexts

GAVIN SIMPSON Seeing the Wood for the Trees: Poland and the Baltic Timber Trade c. 1250-1650