Medieval Art, Architecture and Archaeology at Canterbury



ALEXANDRINA BUCHANAN ‘Complete, thorough and undeniable’: Robert Willis and The Architectural History of Canterbury Cathedral

RICHARD GEM The Rebuilding of Canterbury Cathedral by Archbishop Wulfred (805–32)

HELEN GITTOS Sources for the Liturgy of Canterbury Cathedral in the Central Middle Ages

T.A.HESLOP St Anselm and the Visual Arts at Canterbury Cathedral, 1093­–1109

PETER FERGUSSON The Entry Complex at the Cathedral Priory

PETER DRAPER Recent Interpretations of the Late-12th-Century Rebuilding of the East End of Canterbury Cathedral and its Historical Context

COSTANZA CIPOLLARO AND VERONIKA DECKER Shaping a Saint’s Identity: The Imagery of Thomas Becket in Medieval Italy

NICOLA COLDSTREAM The Nova Opera of Prior Henry of Eastry

LAURA CLEAVER The Monks’ Library at Christ Church Canterbury c. 1180–c. 1250

JEFFREY WEST The Romanesque Screen at Canterbury Cathedral Reconsidered

JANE GEDDES The Ferramenta of the Oculi at Canterbury Cathedral

TOBY HUITSON The Mystery of the So-Called ‘Old Bakery’ Chamber above St Anselm’s Chapel, Canterbury Cathedral

LESLEY MILNER The Canterbury vestiarium: Why Did it Combine the Roles of Treasury and Cemetery Arch?

HEATHER GILDERDALE SCOTT The Royal Window (c. 1485) at Canterbury Cathedral and the Magnificat Window (c. 1500) at Great Malvern Priory (Worcs.): Dynastic Rivalry in Late Medieval England?

FRANCIS WOODMAN Kinship and Architectural Patronage in Late Medieval Canterbury: The Hollands, the Lady Chapel and the Empty Tomb

JULIAN LUXFORD The Great Gate of St Augustine’s Abbey: Architecture and Context

MICHAEL MICHAEL ‘Vere hortus noster deliciarum est Anglia’: John of Thanet, the Madonna Master and a Fragment of English Medieval Embroidery