Vol VII. Medieval Art and Architecture at Gloucester and Tewkesbury

British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions, Volume 7

ISBN: 978 0 907307 12 9 (HB)
December 1985
142 pages
250 x 190mm
Plates: 26


  • The Historiography of Tewkesbury by Eric Fernie
  • The Architecture of the Abbey of St.Mary at Tewkesbury in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries by Peter Kidson
  • Tewkesbury Abbey: Some Recent Observations by Richard Halsey
  • The Elevations of the Romanesque Abbey Churches of St Mary at Tewkesbury and St Peter at Gloucester by Malcolm Thurlby
  • Abbot Serlo’s Church at Gloucester, 1089 – 1100: Its Place in Romanesque Architecture by Christopher Wilson
  • The Gloucester Candlestick by Alan Borg
  • Early Gothic Architecture at Tewkesbury Abbey by Richard K. Morris
  • Ballflower work in Gloucester and its Vicinity by Richard K. Morris
  • The East Window at Gloucester Cathedral by Jill Kerr Bishop Benson and his Restoration of Gloucester Cathedral 1735-1752 by T. H. Cocke