Vol V. Medieval Art and Architecture at Canterbury before 1220

British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions, Volume 5

ISBN: 978 0 907307 04 4 (Paperback); 978 0 907307 05 1 (Hardback)
May 1982
Available in paperback and hardback
134 pages
250 x 190mm
Plates: 36


  • The Significance of the 11th -century Rebuilding of Christ Church and St Augustines, Canterbury, in the Development of Romanesque Architecture by Richard Gem
  • Remains of the Lanfranc Building in the Great Central Tower and the North-West Choir/Transept Area by H. J. A. Strik
  • St Anselm’s Crypt by Eric Fernie
  • The Romanesque Vices at Canterbury by David Parsons
  • Canterbury Cathedral Clerestory: the Glazing Programme in Relation to the Campaigns of Construction by Madeline H. Caviness
  • Notes on the Decorated Stone Roundels in the Corona and Trinity Chapel in Canterbury Cathedral by Elizabeth Eames
  • Archbishop Hubert Walter’s Tomb and its Furnishings by Neil Stratford, Pamela Tudor-Craig and Anna Maria Muthesius
  • The Conventual Seals of Canterbury Cathedral, 1066-1232 by T. A. Heslop
  • Manuscripts of Early Anglo-Norman Canterbury by Anne Lawrence
  • The Great Hall of the Archbishop’s Palace by Tim Tatton-Brown
  • The Completion of the Abbey Church of SS Peter, Paul and Augustine, Canterbury, by Abbots Wido and Hugh of Fleury by Humphrey Woods
  • The Decoration of Canterbury Castle Keep by Derek Renn