Muriël de Kroon

I am currently an MA student at the Centre of Medieval Studies, University of York, with an interest in the Viking Age in England and Scandinavia, and was researching Viking burials in particular. In March 2024, the BAA awarded me £500 to help facilitate my travel to Oslo, Norway. This was to attend the Pre-Christian Beliefs in Germanic Northern Europe Conference held the 5th of April at the University of Oslo, where I was presenting a paper titled “Grave Goods and Buried Ships: Viking Burials in Northumbria as Evidence of Cultural Assimilation.” This paper explored burial finds in Northern England, how they can be used as evidence of cultural assimilation, and how this fits in the larger picture of assimilation when comparing it to stone sculpture and settlement finds. The conference was very interesting, with topics ranging from weapon dancing in the Great Migration Period to an examination of the medieval Dutch “terpen”.

In addition to the conference, I had a chance to visit some museums in Oslo the next day, to examine archaeological evidence that had not yet been digitised. The Historisk museum (Historical Museum), located at Frederiksgate, very close to the royal palace, was particularly insightful. It was a joy to get to see their Víkingr exhibition, their exhibition about the Norwegian Viking Age, as well as their newly opened Noregr exhibition, which is all about medieval storytelling.

I am sincerely grateful to the British Archaeological Association for their generous support in facilitating this travel. This travel grant allowed me to make new research acquaintances in the field, build my academic network and share ideas in the field of medieval archaeology and beyond.