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Annual Lecture Series

The BAA holds regular monthly lectures on the first Wednesday of each month between October and May.  The lectures are open to all and provide an opportunity for professionals, students and independent scholars to present research that fall within our areas of interest.  The lecture series provides a chance to have a broad range of topics and subjects within this area and allows the Association to invite speakers on topical and current issues that have a bearing on its interests as well as those that relate to its core area of specialism.  We aim to cover British and European topics with an art historical, archaeological, architectural, historiographical elements.

The is a chance to view some of the archived lectures on YouTube.

Recorded lectures from our annual lecture series


2 Dec

‘Why Does Architectural Style Change? An Exploration using Fourteenth-Century Collegiate Churches.’

6 Jan

‘Excavations at Glastonbury Abbey, 1908-79: reassessing the medieval monastery.’

3 Feb

‘The Kailasa Temple at Ellora: rock-cut architecture and the realisation of buildings in the medieval period’

2 Mar

‘Recent studies of the fabric of Exeter Cathedral’

6 Apr

‘Monuments in Wax: Form and Function in Medieval Charters’

4 May

‘Reconstructing Henry III’s Great Chapel at Windsor Castle, 1240-48’’