Utrecht: Britain and the Continent

British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions, Volume 18
ISBN: 978 0 901286 73 4 (PB); 978 0 901286 72 7 (HB)
December 1996
Available in paperback and hardback
288 pages

This significant and diverse volume incorporates, amongst others, the chapters:

  • The Beginnings of Utrecht:Roman Fort and Vicus Marjo Montforts 
  • Porticus or Postophorian? Eighth-century St Martin, Utrecht, between Anglo-Saxon and Frankish Traditions Raphael Rijntjes 
  • The Utrecht Parishes and their Churches Karel Emmens 
  • A Cross of Churches around Conrad’s Heart Aart J J Mekking 
  • Romanesque and Gothic stone baptismal fonts in the Diocese of Utrecht M Schonlank-Van Der Wal