Medieval Art, Architecture and Archaeology in London

British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions, Volume 10
ISBN: 978 0 901286 24 6 (PB); 978 0 901286 25 3 (HB)
March 1991
Available in paperback and hardback
178 pages
Plates: 40

Edited by:

Lindy Grant

Contents of this tenth volume in the Transactions series are:

  • The Contribution of Archaeology to our Understanding of re-Norman London
  • 1973-1988 Medieval and Tudor Domestic Buildings in the City of London
  • Shops and Shopping in Medieval London
  • The Romanesque Architecture of Old St Paul’s Cathedral and its late eleventh-century Context
  • The First Fa├žade of Old St Paul’s Cathedral and its Place in English Thirteenth-century Architecture
  • Restorations of the Temple Church, London
  • ‘Liber Horn’, ‘Liber Custumarum’ and Other Manuscripts of the Queen Mary Psalter Workshops
  • London, Londoners and Opus Anglicanum
  • Some New Types of Late Medieval Tombs in the London Area