Medieval Art and Architecture in Diocese of St Andrews

British Archaeological Association (BAA) Conference Transaction Series, Volume 14
ISBN: 978 0 901286 44 4 (PB)
140 pages
Colour plates: 34; Large plan: 1

Edited by:

John Higgitt

The wealth of St. Andrew’s diocese, the richest in medieval Scotland, was reflected in its ecclesiastical art and architecture. Religious changes in the sixteenth century led to the ruin of the cathedral and monastic houses and to the stripping of churches. Much important, although often fragmentary, architecture still remains; and there are significant if tantalising survivals of the furnishings. This volume consists of papers on the history of the medieval diocese, on the cult of St Andrew, on the eleventh to thirteenth century churches of St Andrews, Dunfermline and Arbroath as well as on fa├žades and piers and distinctively Scottish architecture of the later Middle Ages. Other papers deal with Romanesque sculpture, sixteenth-century woodwork, the metalwork of the university maces of St Andrews and an altarpiece by Hugo van der Goes and there are surveys of the surviving stained glass and floor tiles of the diocese.

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