Medieval Art and Architecture in Diocese of Glasgow

British Archaeological Association Conference Transactions, Volume 23

ISBN: 978 1 902653 01 3 (PB); 978 1 902653 02 0 (HB)
June 1999
Available in paperback and hardback
148 pages
248 x 184mm
Line Illustrations: 15; Plates with half-tones: 32

Edited by:

Richard Fawcett

The 1997 conference of the British Archaeological Association was held in Glasgow and took the cathedral there as its main theme.

This volume includes many of the papers given at that conference. Following a general introduction on the building history of the cathedral, there are chapters covering the cult of St Kentigern, the major excavations of 1992-93, the design of the crypt, the choir and its timber ceiling. Other chapters look at aspects of patronage, the wider architectural context of the cathedral, and at Romanesque sculpture and manuscripts within the diocese. The book casts important fresh light on many aspects of the medieval cathedral and diocese.