John McNeill

John McNeill teaches at Oxford University’s Department of Continuing Education. He took degrees in art history at the University of East Anglia and Courtauld Institute, and went on to specialise in medieval architectural history, lecturing at Camberwell School of Art and at Birkbeck College. His interests are reasonably wide-ranging, though he has a particular interest in the material culture of Romanesque western France and in the design of medieval monastic cloisters. He has convened several conferences for the Association, and has edited or co-edited volumes on Medieval Anjou, and King’s Lynn and The Fens, alongside two themed volumes of the Journal; The Medieval Cloister in England and Wales (with Martin Henig, 2006) and The Medieval Chantry in England (with Julian Luxford, 2011). More recently he was instrumental in founding the series of International Conferences on Romanesque, and is a member of its steering committee. The fruits of the first three Romanesque conferences have now appeared under the titles Romanesque and the Past (ed., John McNeill and Richard Plant, 2013), Romanesque and the Mediterranean (ed., Rosa Maria Bacile and John McNeill, 2015), and Romanesque Patrons and Processes (ed., Camps, Castineiras, McNeill, and Plant, 2018).