Alexandrina Buchanan

I am an architectural historian, working specifically on the post-medieval reception, interpretation and use of medieval architecture. I am fascinated by how the medieval built environment continues to shape and be shaped by both our daily experience and our highest ideals. I am Senior Lecturer in Archival Studies at the University of Liverpool and currently serve as President of the Archives and Records Association. I undertake research in both areas.

I take an active interest in preservation and as the Chair of the Trustees of an eighteenth-century Unitarian chapel I play an active role in its ongoing maintenance; I am also a former member of the Council for the Care of Churches and of the Councils of the British Records Association, and the Association of Manuscripts and Archives in Research Collections, as well as being a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.

I joined the BAA in 1990 as an undergraduate, when I was attracted in particular by the annual conferences and access to the Society of Antiquaries’ Library. The BAA conferences offer a unique opportunity to visit medieval sites in the company of enthusiasts and specialists, combining local knowledge and internationally recognised expertise. I have met many of my closest friends through the Association and value the way it combines the promotion and dissemination of high quality research with the more sociable aspects of scholarship. I have served on the Council twice and am now the Honorary Electronic Publications Editor, through which I aim to ensure that our publications will continue to serve the next generation of scholars.