BAA at the Leeds IMC 2023 – Call for Papers

I am happy to announce that I am now welcoming paper proposals for BAA organised sessions at the 2023 International Medieval Congress at the University of Leeds (3rd-6th July 2023).

The IMC’s research theme for 2023 is “Networks and Entanglements”, a topic which can be interpreted in numerous ways:

  • Social, economic, or political networks within and between medieval societies
  • Intellectual communities and networks of knowledge
  • Religious networks and formations
  • Spatial networks, architectures, and infrastructures
  • Ecologies of connected, related, and entangled species
  • Entanglements through artefacts and communities of practice and consumption
  • Artistic networks and entangled iconographies and soundscapes
  • Medieval and modern concepts of connectivity and interdependency
  • Medieval and modern visualisations of entanglements and networks
  • Medieval practices of networking
  • Transnational, transregional, and trans-border networks
  • Entanglements between the global and the local
  • Narrative networks, literary and imagined entanglements
  • Networks, mobilities, circulations, and flows, both real and fictitious
  • Gendered networks: interconnections, relationships, and entanglements
  • Network constraints, rules, and social roles
  • Inclusion and exclusion through networks
  • Identities, ego-networks, and emotional communities
  • Network theory and complexity in medieval studies
  • Digital humanities, linked data, and data ontologies
  • Networks and networking in medieval scholarship past and present
  • Ranges, limits, stability, and fragility of networks

A full list of suggested topics and more details can be found here:

It is hoped that we can organise several sessions, with similar papers grouped together (either methodologically or by subject).

*Before submitting a proposal, please ensure you have familiarised yourself with the conference fees and bursaries for the IMC, details of which are available here:


Proposals should consist of a paper title, your affiliation (if any), your contact details, and a short abstract (50-100 words). Please send paper proposals to Harriet Mahood ( by Friday 23rd September.